A graduate of The Ohio State University, Frank Prolizo holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After earning his degree, Frank Prolizo gained real-world experience in his field as a Divisional Rotational Engineer at Siemens AG, where he improved the engineering process by correcting flaws resulting in rejected products. He continued his career at Franklin International as a Site Maintenance Engineer and oversaw the manufacture of various polymers and adhesives for use in industrial and construction settings. Later, Frank Prolizo joined Graftech International as a Site Maintenance Manager and quickly earned a promotion to Site Lean Manufacturing Manager. In this position, he optimized supply chain functions and continuously improved manufacturing cycle times to make the factory run as efficiently as possible. While at Graftech, he also studied manufacturing management at Kettering University and graduated with a Master of Science.

In 2001, Frank Prolizo secured a position with Ferro Corporation as a Maintenance Manager. Due to his exceptional performance, he quickly climbed the ranks at the company, assuming the positions of Operations Supply Manager, Plant Manager, Divisional Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, Group Supply Chain Manager, and Global Operations Director. In this last role, he held responsibility for a $600 million Organic Specialties Group, which included 1,000 employees and 20 facilities. During his final year with Ferro, he acted as a Global Business Director. He subsequently joined Alloy Polymers, Inc., as a Vice President.

At present, Frank Prolizo serves as the Director of Manufacturing and Operations at Emerald Performance Materials, where he oversees development, planning, and corporate strategies. He assumed this role in June 2012.


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